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2014 city cellars tove sangiovese californa california

city cellars
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2014 city cellars tove sangiovese californa california
SRP: $59 Bottle / $708 case of 12
1-27 Cases Landed Profit Margin: 45.33%
28+ Cases Landed Profit Margin: 48.44%
FOB Profit Margin: 55.17%

City Cellars began with an interest in art when Juri was a child. From making ceramic sculptures to chiseling wood, the ability to create had always been a strong urge, a passion, and a sustaining force for him. Finding ways to create has been an essential part of his life. Juri’s interest in food and wine begun as a child; “I was blessed with the freshest fish, organic produce, and free-range livestock. I always thought everyone ate like this, until I started traveling in the real world, and realized I had been spoiled!” He decided that he wanted to spread the joy of tastes, and do his part to spoil the world in flavors. Juri’s passion for wine came into maturity when he attended culinary school in LA, and where his craving for flavors was perfected. Juri combined his inspiration with a creativity to invent new dishes that touched all of our aromatic senses. Edible art is now his world. His palate continued to grow and mature along with the blossoming capacity to develop new ideas while traveling and studying. As Juri continued to study and learn, moving out of the kitchens and into a more visible role in restaurants, his urge to create continued. An idea hatched and a label was born. City Cellars started as a hobby; it was the wish to create and to have fun with a new form of art. Juri recalls, “I planned on making a few cases in the basement of a wine bar that I owned, just to play around and have fun. It was new, it was exciting, and I traveled to vineyards smelling the dirt, tasting the young grapes and comparing them to the previous vintages of fermented juice. I was always trying to envision the potential that each of these wondrous berries held inside. As I was getting closer to my first purchase of grapes, the economy started to slide south; without buyers, farmers were leaving grapes on the vine to rot. I was offered some unreal opportunities to get my hands on grapes that as a rookie I may not have had on a normal vintage. So with my hard earned tips, I bought 4.5 tons of grapes and my hobby transformed into a business. An angel from above was watching; a good friend of mine who owns a vineyard in Paso robles, rented me a bit of space at her facility and showed me the ropes, teaching me different methods and techniques for fermentation, maceration, aging and total production. Like a sponge, I soaked it in, trying to retain every morsel of information I could.” At that point, Juri needed a bit of help with marketing, business, bookkeeping, and monetary gains. After inviting an old college buddy to invest, and in turn, receive a stake in City Cellars, the company came alive. The wine world can be tricky sometimes with hidden costs in an industry that needs time for the product to mature and grow before a dime can ever be made. Since ’09, City Cellars has been operating and investing their own money to keep the dream alive. In 2014, City Cellars has finally become self-sufficient and has paid for the production cost. Juri said, “We are so proud that we have made it to this point and realize this is a huge statement of our success. We are still very small—since we are a hand crafted, artisan style, small batch producer, our costs are higher. If we were able to expand, our costs will go down considerably and our profit margins can rise exponentially. That is the goal; to be a self-sufficient producer and have enough left over to compensate us for our time and effort.” Juri comes from immigrant Russian Grandparents. Great Grandpa Joseph, and Great Grandma Rose migrated from Russia in the early part of last century. They settled in one of the true melting pots of this country, Chicago. Along the journey both Joseph and Rose scraped by in a multitude of ways to provide food and shelter for themselves and their family. And then, in 1920, when prohibition was put into place for 13 years, they were able to build a bootleg business. In 1919, Joseph took a job as the neighborhood milkman and 6 months later, teetotalers were breaking bottles and tipping over kegs in the street to protest the consumption and manufacturing of our beloved fermented nectar. Joseph and Rose had an inspiration, and that turned into Bathtub booze. Great Grandma Rose began to make brandy in the bathtub and while she did all the production out of their simple and rustic Chicago apartment, Great Grandpa Joseph distributed the family swill on his milk route, with one bottle of brandy and 5 bottles of milk for everyone on his route. They were bringing the American dream into fruition for local immigrant families. “Its in my blood to create and ferment. While channeling my ancestors ideal, I refined our final product into wines that we are proud to share,” says Juri. We both have a rich family history that we are proud of in this country, and in the Bay Area. We are ready to carry on the traditions of our families and share with the world our ideals, creations, and our contribution to family, food, and good wine.” Adam Del Carlo, taster in chief at city cellars, grew up with a large extended family where every social event was centered around the dinner table where there was always an abundance of food and wine. Some of his earliest childhood memories are centered around the various tables of his family members and the laughs and discussions that they had at the table. Being half Greek and half Italian has its advantages, especially at the dinner table. His Nonno (Italian for grandfather) and his Papou, (Greek for grandfather) knew each other since they were kids growing up in the Excelsior district and maintained their life long friendship even after Adam’s Nonno moved to Sonoma to farm chickens and raise a family. It was in Sonoma 30 years ago where Adam began to fall in love with the process of making wine. At the age of five, Adam can remember holding a glass to be filled with grape juice freshly pressed by his Nonno. At the age of seven he was running around fenceless vineyards in Sonoma having grape fights with his cousins and siblings. Nonno made Merlot in Sonoma one barrel a year, and it was reserved for family and friends of the Del Carlo’s. Sonoma proved too hot for that barrel to be stored in the barn, so he asked Adam’s Papou if he could store the barrel in the cellar at his house in San Francisco. Little did he know that 30 years later, 15 years after both of them had past on, that their grandson would use that very same cellar to help create City Cellars. The purpose of making wine at City Cellars is not only to honor his grandfathers and their friendship, but to help build friendships and families at the table. The most enjoyable part of making wine for Adam is seeing the faces of the people who drink it and hearing the conversations that come out of sharing a bottle. Each bottle brings its own personality and characteristics to the event, much like an added dinner guest. That creativity and expression from a bottle is something that he cherishes and hopes to share more with you and your family and friends. “At City Cellars, we set out to make full, rich quality red blends that speak for themselves,” says general manager Adam Del Carlo. Throughout traveling around the world while eating, drinking, and engaging in local customs, Adam Del Carlo and Juri McCorkle took notes, some on paper and some in memories. At that point they may have had no idea that their style and palates would drive them to produce artisan wines that are not only passionate and intriguing to the novice and expert alike, but also to fit casual and elegant occasions alike. “Traveling through classic food and wine regions and enjoying traditional culture guided our sensibility and growth of our passions, palates, and celebrations, and those notes sure came in handy, “says wine maker Juri McCorkle. With a passion for food, wine, and the local community they set out on a journey to produce the perfect wine for every occasion, and with so many occasions they admit they have a lot of work ahead of them, but they are not only ready, they are excited for it. “The wines we produce have their own voice and character, you really have to open a bottle and taste them yourself to see,” says Del Carlo. They encourage everyone to allow their own passions to guide them down the road of celebrating memories of new and old. You can find the wines of City Cellars at great restaurants and specialty shops throughout California ~North Bay Bohemian 2014 “Juri is not your cookie cutter idea of a wine maker, nor does he really fit the mold of tradition when you think of the age-old art of fermenting grapes into the nectar we know and love. Upon talking to him, as all prejudgments and formal pretenses melted away, behind a genuine smile and a warm embrace, we really learned to understand the wine maker behind City Cellars, and why he immersed himself into wine making. As he rolled up his sleeves, a glimpse of new ink popped out on his arm, and in the background you could hear the soothing voice of Jon Miller giving the line up for the San Francisco Giants. And Juri’s request was “I hope we get this done before the game starts.” Again that smile showed up. Growing up in Dogtown, CA, with a passion for life, Juri begun to make wine in 2009, channeling his kitchen background to indulge in a new medium of creativity.” ~Local winemaker and mentor 2013 2014 City cellars Tove’-Super Tuscan blend, 80% sangiovese, 10% merlot, 5% cabernet sauvignon, 5% Syrah 14.5 % ABV dunnigan hills, alta mesa, red hills 800’ altitude dry farmed, sustainable practice (not certified) red pasteur yeast, 36 months neutral French oak, 12 months in bottle $276 cs discounts to $220 cs (BTG) With a dark crimson color, moving to bright garnet, the nose will lend you memories of stewed strawberries, worn leather and lavender. Hints of Marian berry flutter with soft layers of baking spices, bringing you to an elegant blast of mission fig, black pepper, dried spearmint and warm toasted walnuts. The persistent finish leaves you with silky coco nibs and velvety tannins. Food Pairings- • Roast chicken lasagna, sweet cherry tomato marinara, and garden fresh basil • Braised turkey thighs, sweet and sour cranberry stuffing, and port gravy • Honey glazed wild bore loin, roasted beet and goat cheese salad, with pimento polenta

Fanciful Name: tove
Vintage: 2014
Varietal: sangiovese
Region/AVA: californa
ABV: 14.5%
Annual Production: 460
Country Of Origin: United States
Bottle Size: 750
Bottles Per Case: 12
Closure Type: cork

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