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Cheongsam Brands Smokey MIst Tea Liqueur China

Cheongsam Brands
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Cheongsam Brands Smokey MIst Tea Liqueur China
SRP: $30 Bottle / $180 case of 6
1-55 Cases Landed Profit Margin: 26.67%
56+ Cases Landed Profit Margin: 32.78%
FOB Profit Margin: 42.23%

Our Founder's Journey: Raised in a small rural village in Northeast China, Manda Shen left home as a teenager to attend school and study English. She eventually settled in the global melting pot of Shanghai. She became intrigued by the tea culture and began exploring the great tea gardens of the city. It was during this time she experienced the blending of eastern and western cultures and came across the beautiful Cheongsam dress. This is a garment worn by Shanghai women in the 1920s as a symbol of gender equality and women's empowerment, and remains popular to this day. She eventually immigrated to the United States and opened a specialty tea store. She sourced her unique tea blends from the same wonderful gardens she formed relationships with in Shanghai. Back at the tea store bartenders would routinely come in and discuss how they wanted to incorporate tea into their cocktails, but adding brewed tea would only water down the flavor. She knew there was a market for a handcrafted tea liqueur, as the cocktail renaissance was underway. Collaborating with her husband and close friends who had experience in the alcohol business, she was able to launch the Tea Liqueur two years later. She chose to name her new venture Cheongsam Brands, since it stands for empowerment, and the quest for new opportunity, something she had pursued her entire life. ENJOY!

Tasting Notes:Cheongsam's unique flavor and aroma stem from using traditional techniques. Cheongsam does not rely on the additives of extracts or colors. All of the exquisite flavors in Cheongsam are derived from high-quality loose tea leaves sourced specifically for our liqueur. “We go beyond just choosing black or green tea. There are more than 3000 tea varieties in the world, and every one of them has it's own distinct flavor and aroma. Our extraction method captures these essential flavors and aromas to ensure they're distinct and vibrant all the way to your glass.”

Distillery Name: Cheongsam Brands
Type: Gin, Rum, etc.: Tea Liqueur
ABV: 18%
Annual Production: 3000
Origin of Distillery (Country): China
Bottle Size: 750
Bottles Per Case: 6
Closure Type: Cork
Scores: N.A

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