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Manifest Distilling Gin United States

Manifest Distilling
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Manifest Distilling Gin United States
SRP: $36 Bottle / $216 case of 6
1-55 Cases Landed Profit Margin: 4.15%
56+ Cases Landed Profit Margin: 9.24%
FOB Profit Margin: 20.97%

MANIFEST WAS FOUNDED ON THE PRINCIPLE THAT a great vision can only be achieved through unity. Individual talents and abilities are integral to our success, but the sum is always greater than the individual parts. Manifest celebrates the best of what American craftsmanship has to offer, from the American-made distillation equipment to the grains sourced from a network of co-ops throughout the North America. Our distillation is influenced by training from famed brew school the Siebel Institute, researching and shadowing master distillers throughout Kentucky and elsewhere along with a resilient desire to never stop learning, growing and chasing our best selves.

Tasting Notes:We spent over a year-and-a-half developing the profile for our Gin. It was a painstaking process of individually distilling more than 25 different botanicals to gauge their taste as a single distillate. This allowed us to isolate each flavor profile and then fractionally blend down our exact recipe. We went through multiple versions of our recipe before targeting what sits in the bottle today. As self-proclaimed "gin-heads," we went for a crisp, refreshing flavor profile to celebrate our warm weather climate. A lot of the mouth feel and texture in Gin can come from the base spirit. We tasted over half a dozen neutral spirits before selecting our base. The clear winner was an organic wheat neutral. Since we are based in Florida, we chose to use dried lemon and orange peel to create that crispness. We didn't want to alienate all that makes gin a gin, though, so we braced the spirit with juniper berries and angelica root, in addition to other traditional gin botanicals. This provides a wonderful balance of crisp and dry.

Distillery Name: Manifest Distilling
Type: Gin, Rum, etc.: Gin
ABV: 45%
Annual Production: 900
Origin of Distillery (Country): United States
Bottle Size: 750
Bottles Per Case: 6
Closure Type: Bartop
Scores: Double Gold - NY Wine and Spirits Fest, Silver - San Fran World Spirits, Gold - ADI

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