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Port Works Duet Sherry Cucamonga Valley California

Sonoma Port Works
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Port Works Duet Sherry Cucamonga Valley California
SRP: $22 Bottle / $264 Case
1-27 Cases Landed Profit Margin: 36.22%
28+ Cases Landed Profit Margin: 44.55%  
FOB Profit Margin: 53.41%

Amber tones glow from the glass. A warm, nutty aroma fills the air. This is DUET, a classic after-dinner wine with a hint of natural hazelnut. Hand-selected after-dinner sherries produced in the Cucamunga Valley of California are brought to our winery in Sonoma County for final blending with an addition of natural hazelnut essence.

Grape Components: The workhorse of our Sherry program is the Golden Chassla (Palamino). We also use Mission, a varietal that came from Spain when the Jesuits and later the Franciscans came to California. Rose of Peru, a grape that closely resembles the Mission grape is another wonderful component of our sherry.
Flavor Component: 100% natural hazelnut essence (less than 1%)
Appellation: California (Cucamonga Valley)
Aging: Multiple vintages, small oak casks
Finished Alcohol: 18.2%

DUET is a one-of-a-kind after-dinner wine. It has a wonderful nutty aroma. It is nicely balanced, earthy, and exceptionally smooth. The rich, lingering hazelnut finish completes the experience. DUET is our most dessert-friendly after-dinner wine. The rich, nutty character works as a dessert, with dessert, or served with chilled ginger ale and a wedge of lemon, a refreshing cocktail!

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