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Rice and Water Sake Co. Junmai Sake from Fukui by Ippongi Japan (Case of 6)

Rice and Water Sake Co.
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Rice and Water Sake Co. Junmai Sake from Fukui by Ippongi Japan (Case of 6)
SRP: $20 Bottle / $120 Case of 6
1-55 Cases Landed Profit Margin: 45%

56+ Cases Landed Profit Margin: 54.17% 
FOB Profit Margin: 60.00%

A pure sake experience for everyone to enjoy–and understand. Sake is one of the oldest beverages on the planet and one of the most complex. Sommelier Mark Bright, creator of Water & Rice Sake Co., has worked with sake for more than a decade in over 10 restaurants across the west coast of the United States. He realized that the majority of the public would drink more sake if they understood, like wine, the ancient artisanship, the terrior, and skill that goes into every bottle.

This inspired him to work with some of the top brewers in Japan to bring the best sake he could find to diners in the US to appreciate and enjoy. Every bottle we offer comes from a special place. The Water & Rice label is formatted like a wine label, so you can see the region it was made in (Fukui), the style of the rice (Junmai) and the producer (Ippongi Brewery).

We hope you enjoy our sake and share with your friends the knowledge and the experience of incredibly delicious rice wine.


Ippongi brewery was founded in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture in 1902. This region is famous for growing some of the best sake rice in Japan. Known by all the brewers as Oku-
Echizen, the purity of the water, the soil and the climate is perfect for rice growing - yes, just
like wine.

This sake is a Junmai level, making it perfect for food pairings ranging from charcuterie, salads, and a wide range of fish and game dishes. The rice in this sake is Gohyakuman Goku and is polished 70%, which is higher than some of the highest quality sake.

ALC. 16%

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