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Santa Lucia Tequila INDEPENDENCIA 1810 (Reposado) Tequila Mexico

Santa Lucia
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Santa Lucia Tequila INDEPENDENCIA 1810 (Reposado) Tequila Mexico
SRP: $26.666666666667 Bottle / $160 case of 6
1-55 Cases Landed Profit Margin: 23.14%
56+ Cases Landed Profit Margin: 30.01%
FOB Profit Margin: 40.01%

Family owned and operate by Daniel's Wine & Spirits based out of San Antonio, Texas. Working along side Tequila INDEPENDENCIA 1810 from highlands of Jalisco, Mexico with our own plantations of agave to check the quality. One of the best tequilas in Mexico with a family tradition process. Family tradition since almost 70 years.

Tasting Notes:Tequila Premium made with 100% Blue Agave. Full-bodied tequila, aged for 6 months in white oak barrels. Its touches of oak, vanilla and cooked agave add bright golden hues to its body and offer a pleasant taste. Neat is how you will best enjoy our Reposado. Also, ideal to mix it with grapefruit soda for a great Paloma cocktail. COLOR: Honey with has tones. AROMA: Hints of fine wood, spices and highlights of cooked agave. TASTE: Perfect blend of notes of wood and cooked agave.(great for palate). CHARACTERISTICS: 40% Alcohol by Volume. 100% Agave The great quality of our REPOSADO over the others is the special flavor of blend of notes of wood and the aroma of cooked agave make it real special to the taste with a honey color with hay tones and when you taste it in your mouth you will feel the notes of wood mixed with cooked agave making a great combination never forget. As we wrote in the Silver where there are a lot of tequila's brands but no one has the meaning of our INDEPENDENCIA 1810, where exist a identity with the Mexican roots and then the big Mexican community.

Distillery Name: Santa Lucia
Type: Gin, Rum, etc.: Tequila
ABV: 40%
Annual Production: 24,000
Origin of Distillery (Country): Mexico
Bottle Size: 750
Bottles Per Case: 6
Closure Type: Cork with wooden cap